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Sacred Cedar Shrine

Preserving Cedars

Cedars, once common throughout this region, are now often only found in fence rows, or on untillable land. The deer that live in this area prefer the tender leaves of the White Cedar trees during winter, so the few new seedlings that do grow each year rarely make it to seed bearing age. Thus it is necessary for people to intervene to help the Cedar repopulate and regrow.

The trees on our land are "Thuja Occidentalis", also known as White Cedar or Arbor Vitae in the family Cupresseceae. Their leaves are small, scale-like, and tightly pressed to the branches. Flowering begins around mid-May, and seedlings usually present the following year in the spring.

Periodically, the cedars on our land put out enough new seeds that we have a surplus of seedlings the following year, and we share these with people who are interested in planting their own trees. These usually become available around mid-July or early August.

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