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Our Products

The grounds of our shrine includes a blacksmithy, fully equipped for modern and historical metalworking.

Our smithing guild includes artists, tool-wrights, and weapon-smiths who delight in creating items ranging from historical recreations of household hardware to modern gardening tools and post-impressionist sculptures.

Our fantasy and historical metalwork was featured in the University of Wisconsin River Falls's productions of Camelot and MacBeth, and Vox Medusa's performance of "Air" at the 13th Minnesota Dance Festival at the Fitzgerald Theater. Our hand-crafted tools and one-of-a-kind ritual knives have been sold in stores across America and England.

Our smithy is closed for the winter, and thanks to the wonderful support of our community, our inventory of items available for sale has been completely depleted.

However, we have a full season of gallery and art shows and sales planned for 2013, and we will post information as soon as the dates and items to be shown are finalized.

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