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Life Threatening Emergencies

If you or a friend or family member are in an emotional crisis or is contemplating suicide, please immediately contact the Minnesota Suicide & Crisis Hotline. Call the number most local to you for the most immediate service.

Anyone in crisis in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul metro area may call Crisis Connection at 612-379-6363, or Toll-Free at 1-866-379-6363.

Urgent Pastoral Services

If you are in urgent need of pastoral services please contact Reverend Benson via email or phone: 715•307•3153. For example, if you are hospitalized and would like to talk to a minister or have a minister present, have an urgent need for spiritual or partnership counseling, or need support during a time of grief. If he is not able to assist you himself, he will work with you to locate clergy in your area who can help.

Also, if you have been refused access to your spouse or partner in a hospital, emergency center, or health care center in the Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin because you are a same-sex couple, because of your faith, or because of your marital status, please contact us email and we will work with you to make arrangements for a minister to accompany you so that you can visit your partner.

Our clergy, Reverend Benson, is able to provide pastoral services and spiritual counseling in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We specialize in interfaith, agnostic, and polyfaith services, particularly for adherents of Shinto, Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, Agnostic, and nature-reverent faiths. However, our shrine provides pastoral services and help to anyone, regardless of your religious affiliation, faith, or choice of spiritual path.

If this is not an emergency, please consult our list of normal clergy and pastoral services.

Sacred Cedar Shrine
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