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Professional Services

The Sacred Cedar Shrine specializes in creating a safe space for members of diverse professional teams and faith communities to discover, explore, and grow their understanding and tolerance of members of alternative faiths and cultures.

With opportunities ranging from interfaith dialogue and one-on-one sensitivity counseling to team skill-building and processing, the Sacred Cedar Shrine can create for you the specialized approach you or your organization desire.

Whether you are an organization facing problematic behavior and want to protect your company and refocus your team's efforts, or an individual interested in exploring alternative voices of faith, we have access to the specialists and minsters that can help you.

With prices ranging from $500 for afternoon workshops for your entire team to individual counseling at $60 per hour, we can create the experience that is right for you or your team.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email us or call Reverend Ciaran at 715•307•3153.