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Clergy Services

Our Shinto Priest, Reverend Benson, is an ordained Shinto Priest and Wiccan Minister, and is available for ministerial services in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Weddings and handfastings are planned with you, and may incorporate whatever elements you prefer. Interfaith religions, especially those incorporating Shinto or Nature Venerating faiths are our speciality, as are non-religious ceremonies. Our services are available to members of all faiths and all sexual orientations.

Pre-marital counseling presents and promotes the principles and practices of relationship education, relationship resources, relationship maintenance, and research-based marriage preparation. Depending on your personal need, the full course is between 6 and 12 sessions lasting a total of no less than 12 hours, and rarely more than 16 hours. Premarital counseling is not just for people getting married. Anyone entering into a long-term relationship is welcome to take the course. As with marriage and handfasting services, premarital counseling is available to members of all faiths and all sexual orientations.

Spiritual Counseling focuses on helping you achieve happiness and your individual goals. It is tailored to your personal spiritual path and may include meditation, Jungian personality profiling, shamanism, tarot, astral voyaging, Shinto purification practices, Tai-Chi, drumming - the sky is not the limit, so long as the practice helps you identify, and achieve, happiness.

Couples Counseling are transformative sessions designed to help you and your partner become proficient with the tools that are best suited to resolving your existing conflicts, then helping you as a couple to identify and achieve your preferred future together.

Ground Breaking Ceremonies and New Business Blessings are opportunities to ensure that your plans and intended actions are in harmony with Great Nature and are in your best interests. In the form of an event they help celebrate and communicate your intentions to the world around you, as well as to your partners and employees. In the form of a blessing at a planning meeting they provide opportunities for reflection and discussion. Like reading the banes at a wedding, they give everyone involved in the project the opportunity to reflect on the impending change, and to "Speak Now Or Forever Hold Their Peace".

From leading the Summer Solstice Ritual at the Pagan Spirit Gathering, to rolling out new products at Mac World, Tokyo, Reverend Benson has more than twenty years of experience crafting public presentations that engage the audience and effectively communicates your message in an entertaining and respectful way.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email us or call Reverend Ciaran at 715•307•3153.

NOTE: Our shrine is on private land and is not available for public events except by prior arrangement.